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Pile Testing and Instrumentation

As we are moving towards building large structures and the popularity of pile foundations in Pakistan is increased therefore large projects require intensive monitoring. Sentrum Engineering Services Private Limited (SES) is providing full range of pile monitoring services using international standards along different stages of the project from start to completion.

Pile testing and instrumentation testing and interpretation of results is only achievable with high degree of knowledge and experience therefore SES believes we have the capability and experts to execute the complex nature of the complete range of pile instrumentation tests.

SES provides following high-tech services

Pile testing services

  • Sonic integrity Test (SIT)
  • Static pile load testing
  • Low strain integrity testing
  • Instrumented pile load testing
  • Instrumentation of driven piles


Geotechnical and structural instrumentation

  • Measurement of load/pressure
  • Measurement of stress/strain
  • Measurement of ground movement
  • Measurement of compaction/settlement
  • Measurement of inclination of structures
  • Monitoring of cracks and their projections
  • Measurement of pore water pressure and groundwater level