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Who we are

Sentrum Engineering Services (Pvt) Limited (SES) is providing a wide range of Geophysical surveys and Geotechnical investigations including surveying, materials testing, quality control of projects, & environmental studies all over Pakistan based on international standards. We are forefront in the introduction of emerging technologies and best practices. We as a company is fully dedicated to follow ASTM standards, Building Code Compliance, Building Code of Pakistan, Environmental, Building Envelope and other well-known standards in the market. SES is the first Geophysical and Geotechnical  Testing company in Pakistan that provides whole testing solutions.

Our Services

Geophysical Surveys

Our Geophysical Services provides a wide range of surveys including VES 1D, ERT 2D, ERT 3D, Downhole/Crosshole Seismic

Geotechnical Investigations

Our Geotechnical investigations includes comprehensive solutions of Drilling., Coring, Piling,  SPT, CPT, Lab Testing

Pile Testing & Instrumentation

SES is providing full range of pile monitoring services using international standards including SIT, Instrumentation of Driven Piles

Underground Water Studies

Our experts will help you to identify the underground hidden aquifers and estimate quality and quantity of the water. As this is authentic and cheap solution

Topographic Surveys

SES offers state of the art equipment and highly professional survey engineers and surveyors to complete your Topographic survey, Reconnaissance Surveys, Geological surveys

Concrete Testing

SES steps in during the rehabilitation of the building with specialized services and testing e.g. Rebound/Schmidt Hammer  Test & Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity (UPV) Test

Environmental Studies

SES provides you the following services in environmental studies domain including Conducting environmental baseline survey, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report


SES symbolize its commitment, professionalism and reputation in the construction market.Our civil engineers, architects and structural engineers are well equipped and well experienced.